General Counsel Services

General Counsel Services

Big companies have the luxury of being able to afford in-house legal counsel. A company’s General Counsel has overall responsibility for all of the firm’s legal issues.

Small companies usually can’t afford — and don’t have enough legal work to justify — having in-house counsel. We provide many of our clients with “outside” general counsel services.

No law firm, not even the largest, does everything. Law firms tend to have certain areas of specialization.

We work with our clients in a manner similar to the way we would work if we were “in-house.” Matters that are within our expertise we handle ourselves. We have an extensive network within the Arizona legal community, and if there is a need for a particular service that we do not provide, we work with other lawyers.

We provide our general counsel services clients with a single point of contact for all their legal needs.

We give our clients the personalized service and quick turnaround of in-house counsel at a fraction of the cost of hiring an executive-level in-house General Counsel.

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