For most adults, learning to be a better driver isn’t always a top priority. We usually cut corners without realizing it while going about our daily tasks — dropping the kids off at school, getting to work on time, and enduring the afternoon rush hour.

Most adults have been driving for years. The skills they possess behind the wheel are so second nature, they aren’t giving driving any thought. According to the National Safety Council (NSC), the comfort level and conditioning we develop over the years can make us less aware of what we’re doing.

This can be dangerous, as it may cause us to be less prepared for changes in traffic patterns and other obstacles that are out of the ordinary.

Methods for revisiting our driving skills

Learning to be a responsible driver is a never-ending process. Even if we’ve mastered driving skills needed to safely get us from point A to point B, defensive driving and awareness is something that should be revisited regularly.

The NSC has three methods for helping adult motorists re-evaluate their driving habits. These include:

  • Required study: We take a series of courses and tests when first obtaining our driver’s license but many drivers are never required to take tests again. The NSC proposes taking an online test every time we renew our driver’s licenses in order to revisit the critical driving skills we were taught when first getting our licenses.
  • Public service announcements (PSA’s): Messages on social media, television, and radio are seen and heard by millions of people each day across the United States. The NSC suggests regularly airing PSAs in order to remind drivers about the dangers of being too comfortable behind the wheel.
  • Early education: The NSC references a campaign that reached elementary school children and their parents regarding the dangers of smoking. They believe that early education on the dangers of driver condition may help bring awareness to both teen drivers and their parents.

Drivers have a duty to uphold

Implementing these programs may help drivers pay closer attention to their habits and have a large impact on road safety. Of course, initiating these programs would require joint efforts between safety advocates, private organizations, and government agencies.

Until we see these programs rolled out, drivers must understand that they have a duty to uphold on Arizona roadways — staying sober and attentive, traveling at a reasonable speed, and not engaging in risky or aggressive behavior.

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