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Arizona motorcycle accidents a serious danger. Get street smart

Motorcycle accidents in Arizona are rarely minor accidents. Since motorcyclists have very little protection, motorcycle accident injuries can sometimes be very severe.

In 2011, there were 2,980 motorcycle accidents in Arizona, according to the state Department of Transportation. Of those accidents, 2,553 people were injured and 132 died that year in Arizona. The vast majority of these accidents - 2,196 - occurred in urban areas. The remaining 784 motorcycle accidents took place on rural roads.

A closer look at motorcycle accident statistics

And like auto accidents, the causes of motorcycle accidents can cover a very wide range. Even so, the clear, number one cause of motorcycle accidents is a collision with a motor vehicle. In 2011, a total of 1,436 accidents - more than 48 percent - of all motorcycle accidents could be traced back to a crash involving a motor vehicle.

In some cases, passengers are the ones who sustain an injury in a motorcycle accident. When motorcycle passenger injuries occur, a wide range of issues can come into play, including who's responsible for compensating the passenger for their injuries.

Insurance companies should seem like the obvious answer to the question of who will pay for injuries related to a motorcycle accident. But biker accidents & insurance companies can sometimes be a volatile mix. In some cases, some insurance companies do everything they can to avoid paying bikers the money they rightfully deserve.

Let a Phoenix motorcycle accident attorney fight for you

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