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Different types of wrongful death cases demand a different strategy

Wrongful death cases cover a wide range. Many times, auto accidents or truck accidents caused by someone else's reckless driving are to blame. Drunk driving and speeding can also sometimes lead to successful wrongful death case. But there are many other reasons why your family may have grounds for a legitimate wrongful death case.

Construction accidents can sometimes lead to a wrongful case. In such cases, knowing who's liable for such injuries can be extremely difficult since there can sometimes be several different companies working at the same location. That's why it's important you have an experienced Arizona wrongful death attorney working for you.

Some other common types of wrongful death cases can be related to:

  • Medical malpractice. When doctors fail to provide the necessary medical services and a death results, you may have grounds for a wrongful death case.
  • Bicycle accidents. Another driver who fails to obey posted traffic laws or speed limits and kills a bicyclist in an accident needs to be held accountable.
  • Pedestrian accidents. Pedestrians are sometimes killed by reckless drivers who fail to obey the rules of the road.
  • Bus accidents. A distracted driver of a bus or who fell asleep at the wheel can sometimes strike a pedestrian or crash the bus, resulting in passenger fatalities.
  • Nursing home negligence. Failing to properly care for a loved one living in a nursing home can result in death. Be aware of your rights. Your family has options.
  • Lithium toxicity. Israel & Gerity, PLLC has a nationally renowned reputation for handling cases that have fatal consequences as a result of lithium toxicity, the result sometimes of patients taking dangerous amounts of lithium to treat bipolar disorder or other medical conditions. A doctor's failure to monitor lithium levels may also lead to renal failure and a reduced life expectancy.

Let a determined wrongful death attorney in Phoenix assist you

Deciding whether you have a wrongful death case can be extremely complicated. Don't try to make this important decision on your own. Contact us. Contact an experienced Arizona wrongful death lawyer who cares and understands the significance of such a major decision. At Israel & Gerity, PLLC, we will treat you with dignity and respect. We will give you straight answers. We will work tirelessly for you.

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