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What is wrongful death? Does your Arizona accident case qualify as one?

What is wrongful death? The term sounds straightforward and yet it can mean many things to many people. For most, the phrase wrongful death implies that someone or something did something wrong to result in someone else's death. In the legal field, the term wrongful death means something very specific.

Wrongful death often refers to a death caused by the negligent actions of another person or entity. In the legal field, a wrongful death often refers to a civil action in which financial and emotional distress compensation is sought against a negligent party for causing a death.

Damages in a wrongful death case

In layman's terms, a wrong death lawsuit is often filed in order to obtain compensation to offset any financial losses associated with the death of a loved one. Financial losses can include medical expenses, property damage and even the anticipated loss of any future income due to someone's untimely death caused by someone's reckless behavior.

The loss of a relationship - known as "loss of consortium" - is also a subject of compensation. Losing a loved one can hurt more emotionally than many physical injuries.

Wrongful death cases can be complicated. Knowing what to do after an accident can be confusing. We can help. If you're dealing with a potential wrongful death case, you need a knowledgeable Arizona wrongful death lawyer on your side. You need Israel & Gerity, PLLC.

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