Year: 2016

Posted on 06-28-2016 in Personal Injury

Costly Medical Care Can Result After Arizona Motorcycle Accidents

A recent head-on crash in Arizona involving a motorcycle and another vehicle resulted in two people being critically injured. According to Payson Roundup, the incident happened on a stretch of road where there had been numerous previous accidents. Two motorcyclists died at the same location in a crash in 2014, and the speed limit had…

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Posted on 06-14-2016 in Personal Injury

Preventing Arizona Pedestrian Accidents This Summer

A recent pedestrian accident in Arizona sent a mother and child to the hospital. According to ABC 15, the mother was pushing her child in a stroller when a car struck them both. The child was thrown from the stroller, but when paramedics arrived at the scene, the child appeared alert. Both mother and child were expected…

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Posted on 05-28-2016 in Personal Injury

How Younger Relatives Can Help Prevent Phoenix Senior Driving Accidents

Arizona Sonora News Service recently reported that the number of car crashes caused by senior drivers is climbing. Too many seniors are driving for too long even when they begin to experience physical and cognitive declines which can affect their abilities behind the wheel. One 80-year-old Arizona man interviewed for the article indicated that all of…

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Posted on 05-26-2016 in Personal Injury

Rear-End Accidents the Most Common Crash in Work Zones

According to ABC 15, the most common crash in work zones is rear-end accidents. Because accidents in work zones can be dangerous, the Arizona Department of Transportation has launched an effort to prevent collisions and keep both motorists and workers safer. This effort was started as part of National Work Zone Awareness Week, which took place in…

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Posted on 04-28-2016 in Personal Injury

Spotlight Put on Phoenix Distracted Driving Accidents

Drive around Phoenix on any given day. It’s likely you’ll see a driver talking on a phone or texting. You might also notice a car wreck. In many cases, the cause of the accident can be traced back to distracted driving.   Unfortunately, distracted driving has become all too common on Arizona roads. In fact,…

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