Year: 2018

Posted on 11-15-2018 in Personal Injury

Hidden Risks Associated with Automobile Safety Technology

Numerous new and improved safety features continue to be added to new automobiles. Many of these features now come standard in recent makes and models. However, drivers need to be aware of limitations associated with this technology for the safety of themselves and everyone on the road.  Such hidden risks became instantly apparent when a self-driving Uber accident killed a…

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Posted on 10-17-2018 in Personal Injury

Debunking the Distracted Walking Myth in Phoenix

Since 2013, Arizona has seen a rising trend in pedestrian deaths, according to In 2017, approximately 230 pedestrians were fatally struck statewide. At the time the article was written, 2018 has already seen 111 pedestrian deaths statewide.  A 2017 study by George Washington University’s Center for Real Estate and Urban Analysis (CREUA) ranked Phoenix at No. 29…

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Posted on 09-20-2018 in Personal Injury

Crashes Caused by Phoenix Drivers Who Run Red Lights

As recently reported by The Drive, drivers who run red lights are responsible for an increasing number of deaths across the country. Analysis by four traffic safety advocacy groups found that fatal car accidents caused by negligent drivers who failed to stop for traffic signals rose by a stunning 17 percent between 2012 and 2016….

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