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Highway truck accidents in Arizona put drivers at risk

Arizona's highways can be extremely dangerous. With so many cars and trucks on the road, it's inevitable that highway truck accidents will occur in Arizona.

What makes these accidents so terrifying is the severity of such collisions. When a large truck - often called a semi-truck, tractor-trailer or 18-wheeler - slams into a passenger vehicle, the results can sometimes be deadly.

Arizona truck accident statistics

In 2010, a total of 3,675 people died in motor vehicle accidents nationwide caused by large trucks, according to the U.S. Department of Transportation. In Arizona, the statistics are just as startling for 2011. There were 12,351 accidents involving buses or trucks, according to the Arizona Department of Transportation.

Due to the high speeds vehicles travel on highways, there's often very little time for drivers to react on the road. What's worse, sometimes a speeding truck traveling significantly faster than the posted speed limit is to blame for the accident.

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How a Phoenix truck accident lawyer can help

Our knowledgeable lawyers know what to look for when researching the details of a highway truck accident in Arizona. We're prepared to review accident reports, interview witnesses and examine the scene of the accident itself. Anything that might help you have a stronger case, we're prepared to do.

That's what makes Israel & Gerity, PLLC different from other law firms. We're prepared to go the extra mile with one goal in mind: to get you compensation you rightfully deserve.

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