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Truck accidents sometimes linked to an overloaded trailer in Arizona

State and federal laws limit how much weight large trucks can carry in Arizona and across the country. These laws were created to protect people's safety on the road. That's because an overloaded trailer is extremely vulnerable to being involved in a truck accident.

When a trailer is overloaded, the truck becomes less stable. And when a truck becomes less stable, the odds of a truck being involved in a motor vehicle accident skyrocket. In particular, truck drivers have a much harder time turning or controlling an overloaded truck, especially around sharp corners or when trying to stop suddenly.

How an overloaded trailer accident can happen

Accidents involving an overloaded trailer can sometimes be especially severe since there's so much extra weight on the truck. All that extra weight adds up to more force in an accident. And the greater the force, the more intense the impact in a crash.

Truck drivers have a responsibility to make sure their vehicle does not exceed the legal weight limit. When drivers fail to do so and have an accident, they should be held accountable for their reckless behavior.

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