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Poor truck maintenance at the root of some Arizona truck accidents

Would you even dream of driving a car that's not been properly maintained? Of course not. Unfortunately, some people don't have the same high standards for their vehicles. And when these vehicles are large trucks, the odds of a serious accident happening can go way up.

Truck drivers and the companies that often own these vehicles have a responsibility to properly maintain them. It's not just their safety that's on the line. It's everyone traveling on the same road as them.

Accidents can happen due to a blown tire

Failing to replace worn tires might not seem like a big deal - until one of those tires blows out. On an 18-wheeler or semi-truck, a blown-out tire can sometimes result in serious, life-threatening accidents. When trucks are traveling at high rate of speed on a busy highway, there's a real danger of an accident on I-10 or another major highway in Arizona.

And there's a reason vehicles are required to be inspected. Inspections allow officials to decide if a commercial truck should be allowed on the road or if necessary repairs need to be made in order to keep everyone safe.

Every detail matters when dealing with properly maintaining a truck. That's why poor truck maintenance can make such a big difference on the road. One small problem can quickly become a major, multi vehicle accident injuring dozens of people or perhaps even worse.

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