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A reckless trucker accident in Arizona can turn your life upside down

Reckless driving. We've all seen people do it almost every day. Drivers weaving in and out of traffic. Drivers failing to stop at a stop sign or ignoring other traffic laws. Sometimes, such driving is just annoying. Other times, such drivers cause serious accidents that can result in property damage and injuries. And when such drivers are operating large vehicles like a semi-truck or 18-wheeler, the consequences can sometimes be extreme.

All it takes is one reckless trucker to put everyone on the road at risk of a serious accident. Because tractor-trailer trucks are so much bigger than other vehicles on the road, accidents involving these large vehicles routinely result in serious injuries or even death in certain cases.

How an experienced Phoenix lawyer can help

Laws exist in Arizona and across the country to protect law-abiding drivers. But even if your accident seems clear-cut, you still might have a hard time getting the compensation you rightfully deserve for your accident.

That's why you need an experienced Arizona accident lawyer investigating your accident. When you have a knowledgeable attorney on your side, you can help level the playing field between you and the large corporations that operate many trucking companies. A skilled attorney can also help with dealing with insurance companies, something that can sometimes be extremely difficult.

At Israel & Gerity, PLLC, we have dedicated our careers to helping reckless truck accident victims just like you. We know what to expect and we can use our knowledge to build a rock-solid case designed to get you the maximum compensation you rightfully deserve after a truck accident.

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