Like many difficult situations in life, going through Chapter 13 bankruptcy alone can seem like a daunting task. Whether it’s knowing what paperwork to file and when or not knowing how to properly gauge the value of your assets and the impact your income has on your case, Chapter 13 bankruptcy can get overwhelming pretty quickly. Luckily, the world is filled with professionals capable of guiding the less fortunate through the confusing maze of Chapter 13 bankruptcy. Experienced bankruptcy lawyers have been through a wide range of diverse bankruptcy cases. Whatever your situation may be, a bankruptcy lawyer can help you deal with it.

Zero-down bankruptcy programs may be available to you so you can have a lawyer adept with bankruptcy by your side for zero money down. No legal fees upfront means more flexibility for you. With a zero-down bankruptcy lawyer by your side, you will be ready to tackle anything your Chapter 13 bankruptcy throws at you. A bankruptcy lawyer can aid you with anything from paperwork, to motions, and debt evaluation. Having the services of a lawyer can make a night-and-day difference for you and your family as you go through the bankruptcy process.

Can an Attorney Help Me Assess My Debt?

Debt assessment is a critical part of determining whether Chapter 13 bankruptcy is right for you. An experienced bankruptcy attorney can help you take a look at the amount of debt you have, what kind of debt it is, and how likely it is you can have that debt discharged in your bankruptcy. Bankruptcy attorneys can also review your history of payments to creditors to gauge what you should consider when ultimately putting together your repayment plan. A bankruptcy attorney can have your back with every detail involved in a bankruptcy. Be sure to consult with one before filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

Will a Lawyer Help Keep Me on Track?

Bankruptcy cases can be dependent on deadlines. These deadlines may be imposed by the court to keep proceedings streamlined. It can be difficult to juggle work deadlines, other life events, and bankruptcy deadlines without proper help. A bankruptcy lawyer can tell you what you need to do and when you need to do it. When you have a helping hand just a phone call away, it’s easier to go through the bankruptcy process knowing you will be well taken care of.

Is a Bankruptcy Lawyer Worth the Cost?

With beneficial financing programs such as zero-down bankruptcy and flexible payment schedules, getting a lawyer for bankruptcy has never been easier. Israel & Gerity, PLLC offers flexible plans so you don’t have to worry about going through the bankruptcy process alone. Call Israel & Gerity, PLLC at 602-274-4400 for more information on zero-down bankruptcy programs that may be available to you.