Year: 2015

Posted on 12-30-2015 in Personal Injury

Arizona Drivers Should Be Aware of Rising Traffic Crash Risks

As 2015 comes to a close, it is important to consider the events of the past year and look ahead towards the future.  One important consideration is the number of traffic fatalities which occurred over the course of this past year. Unfortunately, data from National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reveals a troubling increase in car…

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Posted on 12-28-2015 in Personal Injury

Safe Holiday Travel Tips for Phoenix Drivers

The holiday season is a busy time of year.  People routinely travel to spend the festive season with loved ones, and to celebrate the coming of a New Year. Even motorists who stay close to home are likely to spend time going to bars, restaurants, and friends’ houses to ring in a New Year and start 2016…

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Posted on 11-30-2015 in Personal Injury

Arizona Eyes Prevention of Wrong-Way Car Accidents

It’s one of the most frightening scenarios for anyone using a Phoenix road: You’re in your car and encounter someone going the wrong way. If you’re driving on a highway such as I-17 or I-10, you may not have much time to react due to the speeds involved. The consequences can be grave. You may…

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Posted on 11-24-2015 in Personal Injury

Where Phoenix Head-On Collisions are Most Likely to Occur

In Arizona, 1,602 head-on crashes occurred over the course of 2014. These crashes account for 1.76 percent of the total number of motor vehicle accidents which occurred in Arizona over the course of the year. Arizona Department of Transportation Traffic Crash Facts indicate a total of 45 fatalities occurred in head-on accidents. This means head-on collisions…

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Posted on 10-26-2015 in Personal Injury

Tips to Avoid Car Accidents When Throwing a Football Party

If you are throwing a football party to cheer on the Arizona Cardinals as they search for their second consecutive playoff appearance, you may find your guests expect to consume alcoholic beverages. Research from the Department of Transportation has revealed around 45 percent of people who watch a football game have three or more drinks….

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