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Medical malpractice cases in Arizona can be complicated. We can help

Doctors, pharmacists, surgeons and other medical professionals in Arizona put people's lives in their hands every day. When mistakes are made in hospitals or health clinics or at the pharmacy, the results can often be extremely serious, resulting in life-altering injuries or even death.

Legally, you can pursue monetary damages for a variety of reasons in a medical malpractice case, including pain and suffering, loss of wages, medical expenses, physical therapy and emotional distress. If a loved one dies, your family may also have a legitimate wrongful death claim.

A closer look at medical malpractice

Medical malpractice can take many forms. Common examples of medical malpractice in Arizona include:

  • Pharmacist malpractice. Pharmacists who prescribe the wrong medication or prescribe the wrong amount of medication can cause serious injuries. A medication error should be addressed immediately. You have options. Contact us.
  • Doctor malpractice. Doctors who fail to diagnose or misdiagnose an illness waste precious time that could have been used to treat an illness sooner. Doctors can also prescribe the wrong drugs or wrong treatment.
  • Surgical malpractice. Surgeons make mistakes for a variety of reasons, ranging from misdiagnose to performing the wrong procedure due to misreading a patient's medical chart. Such errors can have grave consequences.
  • Podiatrist malpractice. Foot problems treated incorrectly by a doctor can affect your ability to walk and function normally. Arizona foot doctors who misdiagnose a problem or perform the wrong medical procedure need to be held accountable.
  • Dental malpractice. Arizona dentists, orthodontists or surgeons who make mistakes in oral surgery can wreak havoc. Victims of such mistakes might not be able to eat or digest food. Additional, expensive dental surgeries might be required.
  • Plastic surgery malpractice. Plastic surgeons who perform cosmetic surgery are held to high standards. Inexperienced plastic surgeons or inadequately trained doctors often make surgical errors.
  • Birth injuries. Cerebral palsy, brain damage, oxygen deprivation, ruptured uterus, broken bones and various birth defects can sometimes be linked to birth injuries or errors made before birth or in the delivery room.
  • Lithium toxicity. Lithium poisoning often results due to patients taking the incorrect amount of lithium. The consequences of lithium toxicity can be severe, including kidney failure, coma or even death. Kyle A. Israel is one of the leading attorneys in the country for dealing with lithium toxicity cases.
  • Renal failure. If you were prescribed lithium, over time you might develop renal failure, meaning your kidneys no longer work properly. Renal failure can also be traced back to other medical mistakes made by doctors or pharmacists.
  • Lasik injuries. Surgical mistakes made during eye surgery can result in blindness.
  • Nursing home negligence. Take action immediately if you suspect a loved one is a victim of nursing home neglect or abuse. Contact the police. Then contact us.

How a Phoenix medical malpractice lawyer can help

Medical malpractice cases demand serious attention. At Israel & Gerity, PLLC, our attorneys will fight vigorously to get you the compensation you deserve. We also realize it's not just about the money. It's about justice, about holding people accountable for their actions.

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