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National traffic fatalities down, but not in Arizona

The National Safety Council (NCS) recently reported that the total number of traffic fatalities in the U.S. dropped by two percent in 2019 from the previous year. This is the second consecutive year that the number of traffic fatalities has dropped slightly across the nation. Here are the figures from 2017 to 2019: 2017 - 40,231...

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Electric scooter accidents triple in the U.S.

In Phoenix, electric scooters have become a popular way to get around. The city launched a six-month pilot program in the fall of 2019 with app-based companies that allow people to ride e-scooters with certain restrictions. As the Phoenix New Times wrote: “Count on Phoenix becoming a Scooter City.” While e-scooters may be a smart...

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AAA: Drivers experienced with new technology can get complacent and drive distracted

Technology like lane-staying equipment can enhance driving. Overreliance can undermine the safety features of these gadgets and lead to distracted driving, according to a AAA study. Technology should never replace an attentive and engaged driver, according to AAA. The AAA Foundation and Virginia Tech Transportation Institute published the 104-page study — Understanding the Impact of Technology:...

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New research ranks Arizona's I-10 one of the most dangerous highways in the US

One Arizona highway has been deemed one of the top five most dangerous roads during summer months in the United States, according to Interstate 10 runs from the California border, through Phoenix and Tucson, and into New Mexico. From 2015-2017, approximately 2,847 people were killed in crashes on Arizona roads. I-10 was ranked the deadliest...

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Why is speeding on Arizona roads so dangerous?

The speed limit is 75 mph on some of Arizona’s highways. Even when cruising along these stretches of the interstate, some drivers don’t think twice about stepping on the accelerator and taking the car up to 80 mph or even faster. If they think it’s safe to drive over the speed limit, they’re only kidding...

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