Year: 2016

Posted on 02-25-2016 in Personal Injury

Phoenix Truckers Should Prevent Three Common Truck Accidents

In Phoenix, motorists in passenger cars face a significant risk of getting hurt if they become involved in a collision with a truck driver. Insurance Institute for Highway Safety indicates that 70 percent of people who die in large truck crashes are occupants of cars other than the truck. Truck drivers have a responsibility to…

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Posted on 01-28-2016 in Personal Injury

Tips for Preventing Teen Collisions in Phoenix

Teenage drivers remain the demographic group with the highest crash rate of any other age group.  Teenager drivers are three times as likely as people age 20 and up to get into a deadly car crash. also reports the number one cause of death for teens in the United States is motor vehicle accidents….

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Posted on 01-26-2016 in Personal Injury

Why Seek Medical Attention after a Rear-End Crash in Phoenix?

What should you do after a Phoenix rear-end accident happens? One of the most important things is to go and get a comprehensive exam from a medical professional. You should go and get checked out even if you feel like you didn’t sustain serious injuries and even if you aren’t showing any outward symptoms of…

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