Arizona Sonora News Service recently reported that the number of car crashes caused by senior drivers is climbing. Too many seniors are driving for too long even when they begin to experience physical and cognitive declines which can affect their abilities behind the wheel. One 80-year-old Arizona man interviewed for the article indicated that all of his friends still drive, including one friend who drove until he was 87-years-old. The senior who spoke with the reporter said his need to continue driving was about independence, which is a common sentiment shared by older motorists.

If seniors are reluctant to give up their driving privileges because they are concerned they will no longer be able to take care of themselves, they may continue to operate a vehicle even if they really shouldn’t be on the road. It is often up to younger relatives, and especially children, to try to make sure their elderly parents or loved ones are not taking unnecessary risks of causing car accidents. Huffington Post recently provided five tips for children who want to help protect their parents.

5 Tips for Helping Seniors Avoid Causing a Car Crash

Tips for young people who want to make sure their parents aren’t a risk behind the wheels include:

  • Making sure parents are healthy enough to drive: If you have concerns about whether your parents are actually going to be capable of operating a vehicle safely, recommend they undergo a physical and get checked out by a doctor. Vision, hearing loss, mental decline, and loss of flexibility are a few of the issues that could affect driving skills.
  • Imposing some limits on drive time: In some cases, it may be a good idea for kids to get their parents to agree not to drive at night, not to drive on highways or not for long distances.
  • Encouraging parents to exercise: Exercise can help elderly people maintain their posture, their flexibility and their fitness level. Some studies have suggested there is a link between being in shape or exercising regularly and being able to continue driving safely.
  • Checking the cars of senior drivers: Seniors may not replace their cars very often and an outdated vehicle might lack important safety features. Some new cars are actually designed for senior safety and might be a good investment.
  • Suggesting driver refresher courses: These courses can provide a discount on a senior’s insurance and can provide a reminder of important safe driving skills.

No one likes to acknowledge their parent or another relative is getting old. But failure to make smart choices about senior driving can have devastating consequences.  That’s why it’s important to take steps to reduce the chances that a senior driver will cause an accident or hurt someone else on the road. And that includes monitoring older drivers and offering advice on when it’s time to stop driving.

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