Reading Your Arizona Crash Report

You’ve been in an Arizona car accident and now need to sort through the paperwork, including the accident report. Many of our clients tell us they want to know exactly what their police accident report means, and below we offer tips on how to read your report.

Law enforcement officials fill out detailed accident reports at the scene of each accident and file these reports with the Arizona Department of Transportation Traffic Records Section. If you were involved in the accident, you have a right to obtain a copy of this report. It’s important to examine the document, which may be a key piece of evidence in supporting your car accident claim. That’s because accident reports often include information such as who was at fault and why the crash happened.

Accident victims who want to request a copy of their accident report should visit the Arizona Department of Public Safety web page by clicking this link:

Understanding your Arizona Traffic Accident Report

Carefully review the information below and tips from our Arizona car accident lawyers about understanding your report. If you have questions about your report, contact a Phoenix AZ personal injury lawyer at Israel & Gerity, PLLC as soon as possible. Call 888-900-3667 for a free case consultation.

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Reading Your Arizona Car Accident Report

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