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Be on the lookout for common construction defects in Arizona

Construction defects can come in many different forms in Arizona. With so many construction projects being done throughout the state, there are a wide variety of defects found in some structures. Construction defects can be due to poor materials or defective workmanship or architect negligence. Whatever the reason, you should not have to suffer due to someone else's mistakes.

Signs of construction defects sometimes appear soon after or even during construction of the building. Other times, they're not so easy to spot. In an effort to protect yourself, here are some common construction defects to be on the lookout for with your building.

  • Stucco cracks and damage. Cracks sometimes appear in stucco buildings soon after construction has been completed of a building, a sign of a possible defect.
  • Settlement cracks. Cracks that form when a building settles (sometimes due to expansive soil) could lead to structural problems.
  • Latent defects. Construction defects that arise years after construction.
  • Roof leaks. Improper installation or defective materials are often to blame for leaks.
  • Below grade walls. A basement wall or exterior first-story wall that's 85 percent below ground. Such walls are susceptible to water damage and foundation-related problems.

How a Phoenix construction defect lawyer can help

Fixing a construction defect can sometimes cost thousands of dollars. In many cases, construction companies have an obligation to repair such damage within a certain period of time, referred to as a statute of limitations in construction defect claims. That's why it's vital that property owners in Arizona take immediate action.

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