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Construction accidents in Arizona can cause serious, even fatal injuries

Construction sites in Arizona can be dangerous places. One slip or false move and suddenly, you're dealing with a serious or potentially life-threatening injury. Construction accidents can instantly change people's lives. If you sustain a construction accident injury, you might not be able to work for weeks or months. You may even sustain an injury that results in a permanent disability or some other injury that prevents you from ever working again. In some cases, a construction accident can result in death. In such cases, you may have grounds for a wrongful death claim.

We have years of experience dealing with construction accidents in Arizona.

In some instances, a construction accident is just that - an accident. But sometimes, someone did something or failed to do something that resulted in a serious construction accident. Such accidents can sometimes be the result of construction defects. These accidents are preventable. That's why it's vital you consult with a lawyer to determine if you have a valid case for filing a construction accident lawsuit in Arizona.

Types of construction accidents

Construction accident injuries can happen many different ways. Some of the most common types of construction accidents include:

  • Fall from up high. Construction workers who fall from up high on a construction site often sustain serious, sometimes fatal injuries. Such injuries can affect the neck, back or spine, sometimes resulting in paralysis or even death.
  • Scaffolding injuries. Scaffolding needs to be properly assembled and secured on a construction site. If the scaffolding collapses, it's sometimes because someone failed to correctly assemble the scaffolding, resulting in serious scaffolding injuries.
  • Crane and forklift injuries. A person operating a crane or forklift can be injured or cause an injury for a variety of reasons, from improperly operating the equipment to someone else colliding into the forklift. Operator error can sometimes be to blame in a crane or forklift injury.
  • Electrical shock injuries. Serious, even fatal injuries can occur due to coming into direct contact with electrical equipment at a construction site. These electrical shock injuries can be far more severe than regular electrical injuries given the size of construction equipment.
  • Chemical burns. A person's eyes or skin can easily be burned on a construction site. First-degree, second-degree and third-degree burns can be caused by powerful chemicals used at construction sites. We can fight for you if you have suffered a chemical burn injury.
  • Toxic fumes Inhalation. Failure to wear the proper protection around toxic fumes at a construction site can cause a wide range of injuries if someone inhales such substances. Toxic fumes inhalation injuries can cause permanent damage or even death in certain cases.
  • Third-party work injuries. Several different companies are often working on the same construction site. A subcontractor or another company may cause an accident, resulting in a third-party work injury.

Construction accidents can be extremely complicated. There are so many different factors to consider. Knowing what to do can be confusing. That's why you need an experienced Phoenix construction accident lawyer on your side.

How a construction accident lawyer in Phoenix can help

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