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Phoenix Patent Disputes Attorney

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Along with trademark and copyright disputes, Israel & Gerity, PLLC represents individuals, businesses, inventors and entrepreneurs facing patent disputes.  We help protect the rights of clients whose intellectual property is critical to their success.  We are experienced lawyers who handle both sides of patent disputes.  You can count on us whether you need someone to protect your rights to your patent or you are facing allegations of patent infringement.

By connecting with Israel & Gerity, PLLC, you can get strong legal guidance from an experienced Phoenix patent infringement attorney who is licensed to practice before the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).  Attorney Michael Gerity is an Arizona patent dispute attorney with the skills, resources and background clients need to achieve their intellectual property goals.

How we handle patent disputes in Arizona

In handling a patent dispute, we strive to achieve a result in the smartest, most economically sound way possible.  This often involves discussions or letters that can quickly lead to a resolution, but we also are ready for trial if necessary.

We recognize that patent litigation often can involve complicated technical concepts.  If we need to take the case to a courtroom, our patent attorneys are skilled in effectively communicating these complex technical and legal issues to a judge and jury.  We have experience representing clients involved in complicated patent disputes, and we have access to experts who can help support your patent claim.

There are a wide range of patents, including utility patents, design patents and software patents.  In handling any type of patent infringement litigation, we typically review the original patent documents, whether we're representing the patent holder or someone facing an allegation of patent infringement.

Contact a patent dispute attorney in Phoenix

If you are involved in a patent dispute, don't hesitate to contact us.  Call 888-900-3667 for a consultation.  We are ready to listen to you and discuss the best course of action.  At Israel & Gerity, PLLC, we are committed to getting clients the results they need and deserve.  You deserve a law firm that will provide personal attention and top-shelf service.  Find out how we can help you today.

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