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Drunk driving results in serious Arizona auto accidents

The dangers of drunk driving have been known for decades. Even so, many Arizona drivers continue to get behind the wheel after having too much to drink. And in far too many cases, drunk drivers have caused serious and even fatal car accidents every year in Arizona.

In 2011, drinking and driving was determined to be the cause of 5,537 auto accidents in Arizona, according to the state Department of Transportation. As a result of those accidents, 3,660 people were injured and 265 died in motor vehicle accidents in Arizona that year caused by drunk drivers.

How a Phoenix drunk driving accident can be complex

Car accidents caused by a drunk driver might seem like open and shut cases. You might think you don't even need a lawyer to be fairly compensated for your accident. But there's rarely anything straightforward about any auto accident. Legal issues you might not have even imagined can quickly emerge in any case. The other driver might try to claim you did something to cause the accident. Insurance companies may balk at paying you what you rightly deserve.

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