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Crane and forklift injuries on construction sites in Arizona. Know the facts

Construction workers in Arizona often use cranes and forklifts to transport large amounts of materials on and around construction sites. Normally, these vehicles operate safely. But sometimes, accidents happen, resulting in crane and forklift injuries.

Accidents involving cranes and forklifts can happen for a wide variety of reasons. Sometimes, the person operating this heavy machinery was driving recklessly or speeding. The person operating the forklift might not know how to operate the machinery or may not even be licensed to do such work. When accidents happen with such people behind the wheel, it's often the construction company's fault for failing to properly supervise the construction site.

How crane and forklift accidents can happen

Other times, the crane or forklift operator can sustain an injury due to someone else's negligence. Scaffolding may have collapsed onto the crane or forklift, injuring the driving and causing scaffolding injuries. Or perhaps another company working on the same site caused the forklift or crane accident. In such cases, you may have grounds for a lawsuit stemming from your third-party work injuries.

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Obtaining compensation for a construction accident injury is often subject to statute of limitation restrictions. This means you often only have a certain amount of time to get the money you rightfully deserve.

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