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Third-party work injuries at Arizona construction sites can be complicated

Several different companies often work at the same construction site in Arizona. Different companies perform different jobs and deliver a wide range of materials in order to keep the project moving forward and on schedule. When construction accidents happen on site, sometimes it's not the company overseeing the entire project or even the company someone works for that caused the accident. When this situation happens, a third party may be responsible for the construction accident.

Third-party work injuries can be extremely complicated to deal with from a legal standpoint. Since the company that caused the accident is not the worker's employer or even the company overseeing the construction project, there can often be a lot of paperwork and legal red tape that prevents injured construction workers from getting the compensation they need for their injuries. Dealing with insurance companies can be especially complicated given all the different parties involved in such cases.

How a third party work injury lawyer in Phoenix can help

Trying to navigate the legal minefield often associated with third-party work injury cases can be daunting. At Israel & Gerity, PLLC, we have dedicated our careers to helping people just like you dealing with such complicated legal matters. Contact us and allow an experienced Arizona construction accident lawyer at our firm to sit down with you and carefully review the details of your case. Even if your accident appears straightforward, there might be issues you didn't even consider. That's what we're here for: to help people just like you.

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