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Below grade walls in Arizona buildings a common construction defect

Construction professionals define a below grade wall as a basement wall or exterior, first-floor wall that's 85 percent below ground. Such walls often serve as the backbone of the foundation in most buildings. If problems develop in below grade walls, serious construction defects can occur that could compromise the integrity of the building.

Common construction defects associated with below grade walls include water damage or problems with the building's foundation. Specifically, settlement cracks can form if the walls move or allow water to seep through cracks in the walls. Water making its way through below grade walls can produce hard problems to solve.

Sometimes, these problems stem from poor materials used to build the walls. Other times, defective workmanship or architect negligence produces the problems in below grade walls. In either case, gathering evidence to prove what caused the construction defect in your below grade wall can be complicated.

How a knowledgeable construction defect lawyer in Phoenix can help

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