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Architect negligence can lead to serious construction defects in Arizona

Architects in Arizona undergo years of professional training in order to learn how to design safe, stylish buildings. We trust architects to create the blueprint for a building that will withstand the test of time and nature's harsh elements.

Unfortunately, some architects design buildings that have serious construction defects. The architect probably had the best intentions when he or she designed the building. But good intentions are not good enough. Architects have a responsibility to create buildings that don't jeopardize our health or safety.

Poorly designed buildings most likely failed to adhere to state and federal building regulations, which could result in U.B.C., C.Q.C. & construction defects. Common construction defects associated with a poorly designed building can include settlement cracks, problems with below grade walls, and wide range of other problems.

Why you need an architect negligence lawyer in Phoenix

Some architects might claim they did nothing wrong, that the problems were caused by defective workmanship or another reason. Don't wait too long to pursue a case against an architect if you believe his or her design resulted in the problem. If you wait too long, you may miss out on the statute of limitations in construction defect claims.

Many architects will hire a lawyer to defend their position and deny responsibility. Level the playing field. Contact us and put the power of a no-nonsense Arizona construction defect lawyer to work for you. At Israel & Gerity, PLLC, we have years of experience building a rock-solid case in support of a client's claims. Located in Phoenix, our law firm has helped countless people dealing with construction defect problems in Scottsdale, Flagstaff, Tucson, Sedona and other communities throughout the state.

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