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Toxic fumes inhalation at Arizona construction sites cause serious injuries

Toxic fumes at construction sites in Arizona are not out of the ordinary. That's why construction workers who work with chemicals that produce such fumes wear protective clothing and breathing apparatus. Such equipment is designed to protect workers from coming into direct contact or breathing such fumes. Even so, accidents happen. The result: construction workers often sustain serious or even fatal injuries.

Construction workers suffering from the effects of inhaling toxic fumes should seek immediate medical attention. Even if someone says they feel fine after inhaling such hazardous materials, let a medical professional decide. That's their job. Just like you would never let an unlicensed electrician or plumber work on your own house.

How toxic fumes inhalation accidents can happen

Toxic fumes inhalation injuries should not happen if construction workers are correctly using protective equipment. If such accidents happen, there are usually two reasons why: faulty equipment or improper use of such protective gear.

If there's a problem with the safety equipment, the construction company is often to blame. It's their responsibility to make sure people working with hazardous chemicals or other dangerous materials do not inhale any toxic fumes present on a construction site.

If the protective gear was not used properly, the construction company may also be to blame. Companies have a responsibility to provide training that teaches workers how to correctly use such protective gear. Construction companies should also make sure the workers are correctly using such equipment on site.

Dealing with insurance companies due to medical expenses associated with inhaling toxic fumes can sometimes be extremely complicated. Sometimes, some insurance companies will not compensate you for the entire amount of your injuries, as well as any loss of income due to not being able to work due to your injury.

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