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Dealing with broken bones/fractures caused by an Arizona auto accident?

Broken bones/fractures often happen in car accidents in Arizona. The force of two vehicles colliding into each other often at a high rate of speed can produce serious injuries. A broken bone might seem like a minor injury to some people. But for anyone who's ever experienced such an injury knows, there's nothing minor about it.

Depending on which bone was broken in your motor vehicle accident, you could face a long and complicated recovery. You might not be able to work for weeks or months at a time. Medical bills, rehabilitation costs and other expenses can pile up fast, especially if you're experiencing a loss of income due to your accident.

Even something as small as a broken finger can affect your ability to work depending on your job. We understand many of us want to act tough when we get hurt. We may not want to complain or make much of a fuss. Be aware that injuries sustained in an auto accident can be severe and the effects can last a lifetime. You will need a serious injury lawyer who can put experience and resources to work for you.

It's a difficult path to compensation on your own

Ideally, insurance companies will compensate people for such injuries. We like to believe that insurance companies exist simply to help people dealing with an accident. Reality can often times be very different. Instead of helping someone after an Arizona auto accident, insurance companies often stonewall accident victims. Often, they try to pay people as little as possible or even refuse to compensate them at all.

That's why you need an experienced Arizona auto accident lawyer in your corner. You need someone who understands Arizona's complicated legal system. You need Israel & Gerity, PLLC. Based in Phoenix and serving clients through Arizona, our law firm understands just how complicated a broken bones/fractures auto accident case can be in Arizona.

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