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Texting & cell phone use linked to Arizona auto accidents?

Thirty-nine states have banned texting while driving. Ten states ban the use of handheld cell phones. In those states, drivers must use hands-free devices when talking on the phone.

As for Arizona, texting while driving is against the law in Phoenix and Tucson, but there is no statewide ban against texting while driving. Several Arizona lawmakers have proposed bills banning texting while driving statewide. But for now, texting while driving remains legal in most of Arizona.

Risks of texting while driving in Phoenix

But the risks related to texting while driving remain real. A recent scientific study found that texting severely impairs a driver's ability to safely operate a vehicle. Specifically, the study conducted by the Texas Transportation Institute discovered that drivers react twice as slow while texting.

Car accidents happen fast. Every second counts. That's why it's so dangerous when drivers look away from the road to read a text message or answer a cell phone call.

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