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Defective workmanship cost property owners thousands in Arizona

When you hire a construction company in Arizona, you expect the company to do professional work at a high standard. That's why you hired them to do the work instead of trying to tackle a job on your own. And that's why it's so upsetting when the work is done poorly and construction defects become a problem.

Defective workmanship can sometimes be easy to spot in a building. Settlement cracks or stucco cracks and damage might be visible in the walls or foundation of a structure. Like many construction defects caused by defective workmanship, the problems can often be traced back to workers trying to cut corners and do the work faster or with cheap, substandard materials. Trying to save a few minutes or a few dollars can sometimes end up costing property owners hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars in repairs. Other times, architect negligence could be a contributing factor.

Standing up to the construction companies and insurance companies

Some construction companies will make such repairs at no charge to the property owner. But in many cases, the company will deny any wrongdoing and do everything they can to avoid correcting their mistakes. Insurance companies will sometimes intervene and help solve the dispute. But even then, some insurance companies may haggle over the cost of the repairs and refuse to fully reimburse the property owner for such repair work.

Don't let these companies push you around. You have rights. You deserve to be compensated for correcting someone else's mistakes. Don't lose hope. Take action. Contact us and discover what an experienced, dedicated Arizona construction defect lawyer can do for you.

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