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Expansive soil often linked to construction defects in Arizona buildings

Deciding where to construct a building in Arizona is a very scientific process. Soil samples are normally taken to determine if the ground is suitable for serving as the foundation for a building. Most of the time, builders do such work to exacting standards.

But sometimes, the site where a building is constructed proves to not be stable ground.

Sometimes, the ground underneath a building can expand, especially if minerals such as smectite clays are present in the ground. Such expansive soil can absorb water and expand by 10 percent or even more. When such significant expansion occurs, the ground can shift, resulting in construction defects to the building.

Expansive soil and construction defects

Common construction defects associated with expansive soil include settlement cracks, ceiling/floors failure and problems with below grade walls. In certain cases, depending on the extent of the damage, there could even be roof leaks if water manages to get into the building's ceilings and walls due to a significant shift in the building's foundation.

Such problems can often be traced back to defective workmanship or architect negligence. Such professionals should have known better when they were designing and building a structure on such a site. And worst of all, such problems might be latent defects, meaning they do not appear for several years after construction.

If the problems do not appear right away, this might complicate your ability to file a successful statute of limitations in construction defect claim since the time period to hold the architect or builder liable for such problems might have expired. But don't be so quick to give up on holding such negligent parties responsible for their mistakes. If you can prove the architect or builder intentionally tried to deceive you, you may have grounds for a legitimate case.

How a Phoenix construction defect lawyer can help you

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