In Phoenix, electric scooters have become a popular way to get around. The city launched a six-month pilot program in the fall of 2019 with app-based companies that allow people to ride e-scooters with certain restrictions. As the Phoenix New Times wrote: “Count on Phoenix becoming a Scooter City.”

While e-scooters may be a smart way to reduce carbon emissions and move through the city efficiently, this mode of transportation has a high risk of accident and injury. The Daily Mail in the U.K. reported on a University of California study: Scooter injuries and accidents have skyrocketed over the past several years. Nearly 40,000 injuries occurred between 2014-2018. This represents a 222 percent increase over the time span. Hospital admissions jumped 365 percent between 2014-2018.

The study found that a third of the people injured were women. Riders ages 18-34 sustained many of the injuries.

A senior author of the study said many of the people in accidents suffered serious head injuries. Other common injuries related to scooter accidents were:

  • Fractures
  • Bruises and scrapes
  • Cuts

E-scooter growth in Phoenix

The City of Phoenix is allowing up to 300 scooters for each of the three companies participating in the pilot program, according to the New Times. Scooters can travel up to 15 mph. E-scooter riders are restricted to certain parts of the city and may only ride on roads and bicycle lanes. Will these restrictions help to prevent crashes? According to The Verge, 20 injuries are reported for every 100,000 trips.

Austin Public Health in Texas worked with the Center for Disease Control and Prevention to examine injuries from scooters, according to The Verge. About 55 percent of the accidents occurred in the street. About one-third of the accidents occurred on sidewalks. Cars were involved in 16 percent of the accidents.

What to do if injured in a scooter crash?

As the injury studies show, accidents can happen in any number of ways. If you were involved in an e-scooter crash, you might wonder who is liable. Is it the company that made the scooter? Is it the tech firm or vendor that created the app and offered the scooter for use? If you were in a crash with a car, is the driver liable?

An investigation will be necessary to determine who is ultimately responsible. A probe into the crash may determine that a manufacturing defect in the scooter caused the accident, which means the company that made the scooter could be held liable.

Any accident can lead to a complicated personal injury claim. This is especially true for incidents involving emerging forms of transportation like e-scooters. That’s why it’s critical to contact an experienced attorney if you were injured or a loved one died.

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