Dealing with a death in the family is not ideal, whether you see it coming or not. The last thing you may be in the mood for after a death in the family can be going through probate court. Probate is the process that you go through when a loved one passes away and assets and property need to be distributed to beneficiaries. Whether your loved one had a will or not, probate is usually a necessary part of a loved one’s passing. Going through probate allow can be challenging as you may not know what belongs to you as a beneficiary or how to properly distribute property as an executor. An experienced estate planning lawyer can help you identify assets, prepare and file any legal documents, and disburse assets and properties during probate. Don’t go through probate along. Seek the services of an experienced estate planning attorney to help you through all the tricky aspects of probate.

Can a Lawyer Help with the Will during a Probate Hearing?

Even if your loved one left a will behind, probate can be complicated and even contentious. One of the most common issues that arise during probate is contesting the validity of a will. This occurs when a beneficiary or several beneficiaries believe there may be a mistake on the will or the will was made under undue influence. In cases where a will is being contested, an estate planning attorney can help settle any disputes and review the validity of the will. In many cases, a lawyer will be used to draft a will to make sure its validity holds up during probate. Before going to probate, contact an estate planning attorney to help you get through the probate process.

Do Lawyers Help With Probate Paperwork?

Estate planning lawyers can help with drafting and submitting any files that your probate requires. This can be important to make sure your probate process runs smoothly. If files are submitted incorrectly or not submitted at all, your probate may lag behind and slow down the disbursement of assets to all the beneficiaries. Contact an estate planning attorney to see what documents and paperwork they can help with to make your probate run efficiently.

Is Having a Lawyer for Probate Worth It?

Having a reliable estate planning lawyer for probate can ensure no issues arise or truly complicate matters. Israel & Gerity, PLLC has years of experience in working through probate hearings with clients. Call Israel & Gerity, PLLC at 602-274-4400 today for a free consultation and see how an estate planning lawyer can help you.