Sprinkler systems in homes are added as a safety element. In the event of a fire, the system goes off and starts to attack the fire before it becomes too large. Some states feel that this safety element should be a necessary requirement on newly-built homes to reduce serious injuries from fires. Firefighters, fire safety groups and the sprinkler industry all agree with this logic. Others, however, fight this policy deeming it unnecessary.

New Arizona Law

A new law recently set into place in Arizona banning cities from requiring builders to place sprinkler systems in new homes they build is unprecedented. Many believe that pressure to put such laws into place came from the political pushes from the home-building and real estate industries. These groups spent large amounts of money lobbying for laws favorable to their industry.

These groups argue that requiring the sprinkler systems will bring higher construction costs. With higher costs, fewer people are able to purchase the homes they actually desire and the clients may be forced into homes less appropriate for them.

The Higher Risk

Homes without sprinkler systems face grave danger, despite what lobbyists say about cutting costs. When a sprinkler system is not in place, the materials in the home start to burn at a faster pace. This often causes more damage to everything inside and allows for less time for escape. When it comes to a fire, time is of the essence. Every second counts and can mean all the difference.

A troubling concern relates to the type of construction methods used on new homes. Newer homes are being constructed with lightweight material. This material may burn more quickly and collapse faster in the situation of a fire. These materials can prove to be extremely dangerous and having a sprinkler system can help balance out the dangers of the materials.

Receiving Help

A fire is a scary and often unpredictable destroyer of lives. When a fire strikes, families and friends first must ensure that safety is a main concern. After this step, many often question why the fire took place and what can be done in order to get their life back in order.

When a fire is a result of a negligent party, the law offers remedy. Individuals and families are encouraged to speak with a personal injury lawyer to discuss the specifics of each case. When an at-fault party is found negligent, families and individuals are able to collect for medical expenses, property damage and other applicable damages to their cases. Personal injury attorneys stop at nothing to ensure their clients recover for their losses.