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Why you may need a trademark attorney

Trademarks are critical when trying to build a successful business, whether you're starting up a company or trying to grow a well-established enterprise.  A unique mark can be a crucial component in the engine that drives high profitability and growth.  Furthermore, the trademark is an important tool to keep others from profiting off of your ideas and hard work.  People involved in a trademark dispute often raise the valid argument that the other party is diluting or diminishing the value of the brand.

In a highly competitive environment, you need to vigorously protect your brand.  By obtaining a trademark for your company's name, slogan, logos, and other intellectual property, you will have a valuable tool to legally enforce the protection of your branding elements.

If you are looking to file a trademark application, you don't need to hire a trademark attorney. But by failing to retain counsel, you run the risk of getting your application rejected for any number of reasons. You also run the risk of getting bogged down in a time-consuming and frustrating process that will divert your attention from other critical business matters.  Some people try to hire a cut-rate trademark registration service.  Many of these companies offer low-cost services that emphasize speed above all else, but they apply a cookie-cutter approach that can ultimately lead to an application rejection and other costly problems.

How a trademark lawyer can make a difference

Your attorney can help guide you and give you legal advice before, during and after the application process. Your attorney can strive to make sure all the complicated legal questions are thoroughly addressed, which can ultimately save you from costly legal problems that may come up down the road.

A private trademark attorney can perform a comprehensive search to determine if anyone else has a trademark similar to yours.  Your lawyer can see if there are any "common law" unregistered trademarks, which are not filed in the USPTO's Trademark Electronic Search System.  Such trademarks might prevent you from using your mark.   Furthermore, a private trademark attorney can help you determine the best way to describe your goods and services and prepare responses to an examining attorney's issuance of a "refusal to register."

At Israel & Gerity, PLLC, we provide highly skilled legal services for individuals and businesses needing help with all types of intellectual property issues.  Attorney Michael Gerity is admitted to practice before the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.  He has a well-deserved reputation for getting clients the results they need.  Whether you're looking to register a trademark or handle a trademark dispute, you can count on Israel & Gerity, PLLC.

From copyright registration or trademark registration to protecting other intellectual property, we understand the importance of protecting your company name, motto or logo. Customers will use your trademarked product, name or slogan to identify you.  You've worked hard to earn your reputation and grow your company.  You can't afford to cut corners when addressing trademark issues, whether it's protecting your brand or defending yourself from someone who has accused you of trademark infringement.

By registering a trademark, you will have the power to legally enforce the protection of your company name, original product or idea, motto, symbol or other branding elements.  We also can provide quality representation after your trademark is registered.  If a trademark dispute arises, we can put experience and resources to work for you, whether someone is using your trademark or you are being accused of trademark infringement.

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