The Phoenix litigation firm of Israel & Gerity, PLLC, is proud to announce another jury trial victory on behalf of a client. After a contract dispute with an auto repair shop, the plaintiff in this matter went through a successful trial and was able to recover the deposit he made for incomplete work, despite a claim by the shop that plaintiff actually owed substantial sums on top of the deposit.

The plaintiff signed a contract with the defendant, the owner of a classic car restoration shop, and put a $10,000 deposit down for work on his car. Eventually, frustrated by a lack of progress with the work, he canceled their agreement and demanded a partial refund. The defendant refused, arguing that not only had the full deposit been spent onwork that had already been completed, but that even more money was due.

The plaintiff filed suit for breach of contract. The shop filed counterclaims arguing that the plaintiff had breached the contract by failing to pay for ongoing work and by not communicating his approval to continue work on the car. The defendant demanded that it keep the entire deposit, that the plaintiff pay for additional work, and that he pay $12,000 in storage fees.

In trial, the plaintiff’s expert witness testified that he believed less than $2,000 of work had been done on the car. Furthermore, the plaintiff argued that any storage fees were incurred as a result of the repair shop’s delay and were unreasonable. After just an hour of deliberation, the jury unanimously found in favor of the plaintiff and awarded him in the full compensatory damages he requested. Per Arizona law, the plaintiff also received an award of the attorneys’ fees and costs he incurred in going to trial.

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