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Lithium toxicity renal failure can lead to a shortened life span

Long-term lithium use may lead to chronic renal disease, a slowly progressive condition that is debilitating. In some cases, people using lithium may experience renal failure, or renal insufficiency, known as end-stage renal disease (ESRD).

ESRD is extremely difficult for individuals who are coping with the disease and their families. In addition to facing a shortened life expectancy, they typically need a kidney transplant, dialysis, or both.

If you or a loved one experienced lithium toxicity-related renal failure, contact a Phoenix personal injury lawyer promptly. We know how angry and frustrated you may feel when you or someone close to you is injured due to negligence. Let us help you pursue justice.

The consequences of renal failure

The kidney is a vital organ. It filters toxins out of the blood stream. Renal failure occurs when the kidneys are unable to function properly. Whether renal insufficiency is acute or chronic, it's always serious and often demands the skills of an experienced lawyer.

Legal help may be necessary if a doctor - usually a psychiatrist - who prescribed lithium failed to recognize signs that the patient is beginning to experience adverse kidney effects. The physician should monitor lab tests to see how the patient is reacting to the lithium.

If the doctor fails in his or her duty and does not recognize warning signs, the patient may begin to suffer permanent damage without even realizing it. Negligent lithium monitoring can lead to renal failure and other complications.

What happens after suffering lithium-related renal disease?

Patients who have experienced kidney damage induced by lithium may need kidney transplants, dialysis treatment for life, or both. The injured patient, or his or her family members, should not hesitate to speak to an attorney. At Israel & Gerity, PLLC, we have experience handling similar cases and recovering damages for clients. We can examine whether a pharmacist, nurse or doctor made an error in prescribing the right dose of lithium, or failed to properly monitor patients. In some cases, a doctor may have failed to recognize other medications known to interact with lithium or did not recognize symptoms of lithium poisoning.

How a Phoenix renal disease lawyer can help

At Israel & Gerity, PLLC, we are committed to providing caring and aggressive representation for clients who have experienced renal insufficiency or renal failure due to lithium exposure. Contact us today for a free, confidential consultation.

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