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Dental Malpractice

When dental professionals fail to provide diagnosis and treatment that meets the established standards of the dental community, it may be defined as dental malpractice. Malpractice occurs when a dentist deviates from those accepted standards and that treatment results in an injury to the dental patient.

At the law firm of Israel & Gerity, PLLC, in Phoenix, our attorneys have the experience to investigate and prepare dental malpractice cases for trial in Arizona. Given our experience as insurance defense lawyers, we know the tactics and strategies that insurance companies, dentists and dental clinics will use for their defense. Insurance companies know that we are prepared to win in court, if necessary.

Experienced Arizona Dental Malpractice Lawyers

It is important to know that not every bad outcome is the result of dental malpractice. Sometimes, dentists or dental hygienists can do everything correctly, and still, patients do not do as well as expected or as hoped. In other cases, dental malpractice can clearly be demonstrated, but because there is no injury that is attributable to that malpractice, pursuing a claim would not be prudent.

Still, in those cases where malpractice has happened and has caused a serious injury, an experienced lawyer can be invaluable for pursuing a successful claim. We can assist you in pursuing compensation to meet the financial, physical and emotional impact of malpractice.

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