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Elder abuse can take many forms in Arizona. Look for warning signs

Families expect loved ones to be cared for in nursing homes in Arizona. Unfortunately, some nursing homes fail to provide the care and attention people can reasonably expect to receive in such facilities.

Sometimes, nursing home neglect can be subtle. Perhaps nursing home staff fails to provide services they're supposed to do or simply fail to monitor patients on a regular basis. You may also be dealing with a case involving patient malnutrition or inadequate monitoring. Such neglect or unusual behavior can sometimes be difficult to identify, especially if there are no signs of physical trauma.

Other times, there are clear, physical signs of abuse or neglect. In these extreme cases, your loved one may be a victim of elder abuse. Warning signs of elder abuse include bruises or other unusual marks. If a loved one breaks a bone or needs to be taken to a hospital for any reason, make sure you get the full story about what happened to him or her. If something sounds suspicious, contact the police. Then contact us.

How a Phoenix nursing home abuse lawyer can help

At Israel & Gerity, PLLC, our highly-skilled, Phoenix-based lawyers have dedicated their careers to helping families dealing with difficult problems like elder abuse for decades. We thoroughly understand Arizona's laws governing nursing homes. We know what questions to ask and we know how to go about investigating nursing home abuse claims. Allow us to work with you and build a rock-solid case designed to help nursing home patients suffering from neglect. We will work tirelessly to remedy the problem and get your family the compensation you rightfully deserve.

There's too much at stake to try to tackle such a complicated case on your own. Allow us to put our knowledge and experience to work for you.

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