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Turn to a Proven Arizona Failure-to-Diagnose Lawyer

We all place our trust in doctors and other medical professionals, and their diligence is especially important when we suspect a serious illness or injury. A misdiagnosis or delayed diagnosis of cancer, heart disease or severe infection - to name just a few serious conditions that demand prompt treatment - can be fatal or permanently disabling.

Did a doctor miss symptoms or fail to test for a life-threatening condition that has since been conclusively diagnosed? Has your disease progressed in the interim, or did a family member die a premature, wrongful death because of a medical professional's failure to identify the problem? In any such situation, you may have the right to substantial compensation for the losses and damages you have suffered. Contact our experienced medical malpractice lawyers at Israel & Gerity for guidance throughout Arizona.

Experience Across the Spectrum of Medical Malpractice Litigation

A Phoenix medical malpractice attorney at our Phoenix law firm is prepared to thoroughly evaluate your potential lawsuit based on a physician's failure to diagnose cancer or diagnose and promptly treat another serious condition. Our experience and capabilities also extend to serious emergency room and hospital errors, surgical errors, anesthesia errors and other instances of medical negligence.

Proven trial lawyer Kyle A. Israel continues to aggressively pursue medical malpractice litigation in an era when many attorneys view these cases as too challenging and costly. He has the background and connections to qualified medical experts necessary to properly evaluate and pursue claims involving diagnosis failures such as:

  • Failures to order the right tests to diagnose breast cancer, colon cancer, prostate cancer or any other progressive, serious disease
  • Failures to recognize warning signs and treat or monitor a patient susceptible to a heart attack
  • A misdiagnosis resulting in a period of ineffective treatment while the real prevailing condition goes untreated

Contact a Phoenix Medical Malpractice Attorney if You Suspect Serious Medical Negligence: 602-639-4696

The burden of proof is heavy in failure-to-diagnose cases, and we are committed to evaluating each case thoroughly and providing sound, practical legal guidance.

Working with qualified medical experts capable of reviewing all aspects of your case, we can determine whether actionable medical negligence was involved and whether a failure to diagnose made a major difference in your prognosis or outcome. Regardless of our findings, you can count on respectful, compassionate treatment from our entire legal team. Contact a skilled Arizona medical malpractice lawyer for guidance through this time in your life.

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