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Inadequate monitoring in Arizona nursing homes causes health problems

Nursing homes in Arizona have an obligation to monitor patients. Regularly checking on patients allows the nursing home to verify that there are no immediate health emergencies. And if there are, frequent monitoring enables nursing home staff to quickly address any health issues that arise.

Unfortunately, some nursing homes fail to monitor patients on a regular basis. Sometimes, it's because there is not enough staff at a nursing home. Other times, the staff did not receive the proper training and were not told how many times they should check on patients during their shift. And in extreme cases, a nursing home simply doesn't care and doesn't check on patients, allowing them to languish in isolation in their rooms.

Inadequate monitoring at a nursing home can be devastating

Inadequate monitoring can sometimes be accompanied by other problems at a nursing home. Sometimes, nursing homes fail to feed patients enough food. In such cases, patient malnutrition may be the problem. Other forms of nursing home neglect can include outright physical abuse of patients. Such extreme forms of elder abuse need to be addressed immediately.

The consequences of such irresponsible behavior can sometimes be severe, ranging from a serious injury to death. If a loved one dies, you may have grounds for a legitimate wrongful death case against the nursing home.

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