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Patient malnutrition an extreme form of nursing home neglect in Arizona

Nursing homes in Arizona that fail to feed people enough food put patients at extreme risk. The less food people get in a nursing home, the more likely they are to develop serious health problems. The quality of the food is also equally important. If the food is not nutritious or healthy, the risk of patient malnutrition is very real - and extremely dangerous.

Not providing patients with enough calories or essentials vitamins and minerals can have grave consequences. Over time, if a loved one does not eat enough food or fails to get the proper nutrients, he or she could develop serious health problems. In extreme cases, a patient can die if he or she fails to eat enough food over a period of time. In such cases, your family may have grounds for filing a wrongful death lawsuit.

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If you suspect a nursing home is not feeding a loved one enough food on a regular basis, contact Israel & Gerity, PLLC today. Located in Phoenix and serving clients throughout Arizona, our attorneys have years of experience helping families dealing with nursing home negligence cases. Allow us to put our knowledge to work for you.

In some cases, nursing homes can be responsive and correct the mistakes made which put a loved one at risk. Other times, nursing homes might deny any wrongdoing or refuse to do anything to help a patient. If we have to, we're prepared to pursue any legal course of action against a nursing home, including taking them to court.

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