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Truck driver fatigue cause of Arizona asleep at the wheel accidents

Federal law mandates that truck drivers take breaks every day to make sure drivers are awake and alert on the road. Specifically, commercial drivers cannot drive more than 11 hours during a 14-hour period. They must then stop driving and rest for at least 10 hours. Drivers must keep a written record of such breaks and driving. And if stopped by police, a truck driver must present a current, up-to-date record of the previous seven days, according to federal law.

Such rules were created to make sure truck drivers do not try to cut corners and drive too many miles without taking enough breaks. Even so, some drivers push the envelope and try to squeeze in a few extra hours on the road in order to get to their destination faster. And when they do, they sometimes fall asleep at the wheel, resulting in a serious truck accident.

Why truck driver fatigue accidents can be so dangerous

Asleep at the wheel accidents involving tractor-trailers can be extremely severe. Since the truck driver is asleep, the truck does not slow down when it slams into other vehicles. And given the large size of many gigantic trucks, such truck accidents often involve several vehicles. Add to that the fact that most truck drivers travel on high-speed highways and you have a recipe for disaster.

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