Your college days may have been filled with great times, lessons learned and resulted in a degree that you cherish to this day. However, the cost of education has significantly risen over the past fifty years. With college being harder and harder to afford, it’s no wonder so many people take out student loans to help them. The thing about college is that there’s no guarantee for employment after you are finished. If you don’t find a job or a good paying one, your student loans may start to creep up and haunt you. It has happened to many Americans. You may be thinking about filing for bankruptcy to get your student loans discharged if you feel overburdened by them.

But did you know there’s a test you have to pass to determine whether your student loans can be discharged? That’s where the Brunner Test comes in. The Brunner Test measures the “undue hardship” your student loans may cause you and determines whether your student loans can be discharged or not. The thought of having to go through an assessment to get your student loans wiped out can be stressful but with the help of lawyers helping clients with bankruptcy, you can assess how likely it is you can prove undue hardship and be on your way to discharging your student loan debt.

How Can I Pass the Brunner Test?

There is no foolproof way of passing the Brunner Test. It’s not a Standardized Test where answers are objective. You passing the Brunner Test will ultimately be contingent on how the judge on your case sees your situation. While one judge can be sympathetic and allow you to discharge your loans, another judge may be less kind.

Reading about successful Brunner Test cases can help you gain an edge but it won’t necessarily make you likelier to pass the Brunner Test. It’s advised you consult with a lawyer to analyze your debt and situation to see if attempting to discharge your student loans is right for you.

Do I Have to Take the Brunner Test?

Certain states use other tests to gauge the undue hardship student loans cause a candidate but in Arizona, the Brunner Test is used. You have to take the Brunner Test in order to have a chance of having your student loans discharged. If you don’t feel comfortable taking the Brunner Test, a bankruptcy lawyer can advise you on alternate options you may have to get debt relief.

Can a Bankruptcy Lawyer Help Me Take the Brunner Test?

Student loan debt can make you feel like you are trapped in a room with no way out. Contacting a Estate Planning attorney from a law firm that has experience dealing with student loans in bankruptcy like Israel & Gerity should be your first step to make sure bankruptcy is right for you. Reach out to Israel & Gerity by phone at 602-274-4400 for a free consultation.