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Hands-Free Devices Distract Phoenix Drivers

Distracted driving has long been an important public safety concern for Phoenix road users. Distractions come in many different forms. Unfortunately, many drivers still do not understand which devices actually divert their attention from the road.  Arizona lawmakers recently passed Senate Bill 1261, which bans texting and driving and imposes fines between $25 and $99...

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Self Driving Car Liability in Death of Phoenix Pedestrian

The recent Tempe traffic accident between a self-driving Uber vehicle and pedestrian has received international media coverage and raised important safety questions about the advent of autonomous driving technologies. The bicyclist’s death has sparked many investigations by local, state and federal traffic authorities. Investigators have not yet determined what factors caused the tragic accident. When...

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Will Lane-Splitting Improve Motorcycle Safety in Arizona?

ABC15 reports two bills have been introduced in the Arizona legislature this year that would legalize motorcycle lane sharing. One measure would require lane-splitting riders to wear a helmet, while the other would not. A measure that died last year without becoming law would have required helmets for all riders. Arizona's helmet law currently requires...

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Avoiding Tractor-Trailer Collisions in Phoenix

When it comes to highway safety, an Arizona injury lawyer knows there are few things more important than avoiding accidents with tractor-trailers. Arizona is crisscrossed by a number of major highways, including I-10, I-8 and I-17, and spring is the height of tourism and baseball spring-training season. The Arizona Department of Transportation reported more than...

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New Arizona Law Bans Teen Drivers From Using Cell Phones

Research has established that new teen drivers have higher accident rates compared to more experienced motorists. Different states have tackled this problem with a wide variety of legislation. Many have adopted graduated licensing programs, which restrict the number of passengers a teen driver may transport or the hours they may drive. The Arizona state legislature...

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Arizona Considers Bill to Allow Motorcycle Lane Splitting

Lane splitting is the controversial practice of legally allowing motorcycles to ride between lanes of traffic. According to the Wall Street Journal, this practice is currently only allowed in California, but other states are considering allowing lane splitting. Arizona is now joining the debate as well. If you have been involved in a motorcycle accident...

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