Posted on 04-10-2019 in Personal Injury

Pedestrians getting killed at higher rates on poorly-designed roads

Cities are becoming more dangerous for pedestrians as a study showed Arizona recorded 125 deaths in the first half of 2018, ranking fifth in America. The study intensified the spotlight on Arizona in another way. The Governors Highway Safety Association report said the Grand Canyon State and just four others — California, 432, Florida, 330,…

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Posted on 03-04-2019 in Personal Injury

Safety Concerns Surround Rise in Popularity of Electric Scooters

The Phoenix area has seen a rise in electric scooter use with the arrival of providers like Bird, Lime and Razor. They’re especially popular with university students in Tempe. The increase in popularity comes with an increase in crashes and personal injury, prompting the Tempe City Council to enact new regulations for their use. Even…

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Posted on 02-06-2019 in Personal Injury

Phoenix Attorneys Discuss the Dangers of Wheel Runoff Accidents

When wheels fall off cars, they can cause havoc in any direction they are propelled. Other vehicles, pedestrians, and even people in buildings can be struck. A lost wheel can also cause drivers to swerve or brake abruptly, resulting in an accident.  There are two main reasons why wheels fall off moving trucks or cars:  Failure of the…

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Posted on 01-02-2019 in Personal Injury

Phoenix Attorneys Discuss What Happens to Your Body During a Car Accident

The experience of a car crash may seem quick, but our bodies can experience a number of effects in the milliseconds after impact. Understanding these effects and how your car safety systems protect you may help you prepare for the possibility of a car accident.  Seat belts and airbags  Student Edge interviewed Dr. David Logan, then Senior Research Fellow from…

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