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Whiplash & neck injuries caused by Arizona auto accidents happen fast

Whiplash & neck injuries wreak havoc on people's lives. Sometimes, such injuries are not immediately apparent to people. Other times, neck injuries can be severe and instantly change someone's life forever.

An estimated 120,000 people sustain whiplash injuries nationwide. Whiplash injuries are often caused by rear-end accidents. Whiplash injuries result in damage to soft tissue in the neck. Such injuries often occur due to the force of your head pitching forward and backward at the time of impact. Specifically, the injury affects the vertebrae of the neck and the muscles and ligaments that support them.

Symptoms of a car accident whiplash or neck injury

Common symptoms of a whiplash injury include a stiff neck, headaches, dizziness, pain in the shoulders and arms as well as pain spreading from your head down your spine. Such symptoms can appear within minutes after an auto accident. But many times, signs of a whiplash injury do not appear for several days. That's why it's vital you seek medical attention after an auto accident if you suspect you have sustained a whiplash injury.

Other types of neck injuries caused by car accidents can sometimes be even more serious. Broken bones/fractures in the neck can be caused by a car accident. In extreme cases, a neck injury caused by a motor vehicle accident can result in paralysis or even death, which may require you to file a wrongful death lawsuit.

Insurance companies may low-ball or deny your claim - take action now

Ideally, insurance companies should compensate you for your injuries, medical expenses and perhaps even loss of income due to not being able to work. But many times, insurance companies will do everything they can to avoid paying accident victims the compensation they rightfully deserve.

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