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Roof leaks a common Arizona construction defect. Find answers here

Roof leaks rarely happen by accident in Arizona. Roof leaks are often linked to defective workmanship or a builder's decision to use inferior shingles, nails or other roofing materials. If you have a leak in your roof, you need to immediately address the problem. Otherwise, water seeping into your building can cause significant problems, including ceilings/floors failure.

In some cases, a roof leak will be noticeable right away since water will be dripping into your structure. Other times, a leak might not be visible inside the building. This scenario can be especially problematic since the water coming inside might be going into your walls, causing damage to the integrity of the building. Electrical wiring and plumbing could also be compromised by the presence of water inside the walls. If such problems do not appear right away and take years to surface, such a situation falls into the category of latent defects.

What to do if you discover a roof leak

If years have passed since your roof was installed, you might think you have no recourse against the company that installed your roof since the statute of limitations in construction defect claims has expired. But don't be so sure. Whenever you become aware of your roof leak, it's important to contact someone to find out what your options are under Arizona law.

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Every construction defect case is unique - just like you. That's why we don't take a one-size-fits-all approach when helping clients decide the best course of action.

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