According to ABC 15, the most common crash in work zones is rear-end accidents. Because accidents in work zones can be dangerous, the Arizona Department of Transportation has launched an effort to prevent collisions and keep both motorists and workers safer. This effort was started as part of National Work Zone Awareness Week, which took place in April.

Drivers need to be aware of how common rear-end crashes are not just in work zones, but any time they are on the road. Fortunately, motorists can often prevent these accidents from occurring. But in order to do so, they must understand why rear-end accidents happen.

Rear-End Accidents Common in Work Zones & Elsewhere

Of all deaths in work zones throughout the United States, 80 percent of the victims are either drivers or passengers in cars rather than people doing work.

Arizona Department of Transportation is aiming to protect motorists and workers with a safety campaign called The Vest Knows Best. AZDOT has provided some tips to prevent rear-end accidents, which often occur in construction zones. But these tips don’t just apply to construction zones. Drivers can put this advice to use wherever they are on the road.

To avoid rear-end accidents and other types of collisions in work zones, Arizona advises drivers to:

  • Pay attention to what’s going on around them. Motorists should look for flaggers and should look for posted warning signs. Both flaggers and posted signs must be obeyed, as motorists can be cited for failing to follow directions provided by a flagger.
  • Expect the unexpected. In a work zone, lanes can sometimes narrow or end with little warning. Workers may be on the road performing tasks near where a lane of traffic is going, and speed limits could be reduced.
  • Reduce speed. Speeding is one of the leading reasons why work zone accidents happen. If a driver is going too fast in a work zone, it will take longer for his vehicle to brake because he has more momentum. This can increase rear-end crash risks because the driver may not be able to react in time and avoid hitting a car in front that has come to an unexpected stop or slowed down.
  • Avoid tailgating. Following the lead car in front of you too closely is not only a top cause of rear-end crashes in work zones but is always a leading reason why rear-end collisions happen.
  • Merge safely. Don’t push your way into a lane of traffic at the last second, as this is just asking to be rear-ended. Instead, merge as directed by signs or safely merge as early as you can if a lane is going to end.

Drivers at all times need to ensure they are not engaging in high risk behavior likely to cause rear-end accidents or other types of crashes. This is especially important in work zones.

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