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Truck accidents in Arizona caused by truck driver distraction on the rise

Commercial truck drivers are banned by federal law from texting while driving across the country. Nationwide, 39 states have outlawed texting while driving for all drivers. Arizona is not one of them.

Truck drivers know they are not allowed to text and drive at the same time in Arizona or elsewhere. But that doesn't stop some irresponsible truck drivers from doing so.

AAA Arizona has called text messaging while driving "the mother of all distractions." Combine that with someone driving a vehicle that weighs many tons more than most cars on the road and you have a moving time bomb on the road that could go off any second.

Types of truck driver distraction

Texting & cell phone use represent the most common example of truck driver distraction. But there other ways truck drivers avoid paying attention to the road. Sometimes, they're eating while driving to save time. Some truck drivers even watch television while driving to relieve the boredom of endless hours of driving.

Such irresponsible behavior should not be tolerated. When truck drivers get behind the wheel of a big rig, they need to make sure they stay focused on the road and follow all the laws governing commercial truckers.

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